The purpose of Life Is to Discover Your Gift & the Meaning of Life Is to Give it Away


What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records carry your souls infinite wisdom. 

They are an energetic imprint of all your lives~ past, present, and future. They hold every thought, feeling, and experience you've ever had or will have.

You can ask them anything~ a question, for clarity, guidance, support, or healing. Your spirit guides are ready to assist you 

and I commune with them during our sessions.

For me to access yours records, all I need is your permission and full name given at birth.

There is also the option to access the records of your business, your money legacy, among others.

After grounding and preparation rituals, I then:

* Meet the guardian(s) of your records

* Visit your records

*Ask you to say out loud any question(s) you have

* Share with you what I'm seeing

* Work with your guides to offer any clarity, healing, guidance, or support needed in that moment; they know what you are ready to receive 

Often what I see and share is like describing a dream- because we're tapping into the subconscious fields as well! It's highly visual, metaphorical, and quite an adventure. 

Your spirit guides may want to immediately provide healing, helping clear out what no longer serves you emotionally or spiritually, making space to receive what truly serves your soul purpose today. I will facilitate the process, please know you are safe and loved. I am honored to assist and facilitate. 

What are Integration Sessions?


Integration Sessions ensure you're applying all the valuable wisdom received from the Akashic. 

I highly recommend having an Akashic Reading followed by weekly integration sessions to ensure you're applying all the wisdom received in your daily routines, decision making, emotional well being and energetic field. 

Otherwise it's like going to the gym once but not returning to see the results through. Or like having a facial but not following up with a skin care routine. 

Integration sessions share similarities with life or business coaching, only instead of being in our own heads trying to fix, solve or understand, we're accessing a greater wisdom and truth beyond us. We are receiving clarity and support from the spiritual realm first and then honoring it through action. 

I offer single sessions, 12 week and 12 month packages that come with a variety of services and support. I suggest  a monthly Akashic reading followed by three weekly integration sessions. 

Curious? Reach on out! Let's connect.

 I would love to offer unconditional love and support throughout your inner||outer  transformation.

You are a gift and the world needs you and your magic.

Who is Ashley Moon?

Ashley Moon is an artist, educator, and transformational healer. She is a clarity coach and soul purpose guide.

Miss Moon believes in the power of clarity and its ability to completely transform people inside and out. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. She calls it inner outer space shifting.

Ashley has helped thousands of people in person and millions online clear away mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and even spiritual clutter.

Her other business, Creatively Neat, sends out professional organizers to de-clutter the physical space, whereas she focuses on the rest!  

In addition to de-cluttering multi-dimensionally, she helps deliver divine order, especially once we've created the the space to receive it. She aims to ensure we give time and space to what truly matters most to us in this life, our soul's journey, and the collective conscious. 

What is the Meaning of Ash Moon?

Ashley changed her last name to Moon as a late teen, after experiencing a strong motherly connection and communion with the full moon and its energy. 

A few years ago, while deeply in her yoga mediation practice, she heard a loud whisper say "Ash Moon" and when she looked into it, she learned of an ancient Celtic full moon ritual which is the optimal time for letting go of what no longer serves us, especially emotionally and energetically. 

This depended and expanded her calling; she knew she was to venture more into this clearing work somehow. At the perfect time, once again, the perfect teacher appeared to certify her through the Akashic Records Institute. 

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I give away 15 minutes to each person who is curious about working with me, at any capacity. I would love to hear from you soon. Thanks!